text - One wish for you (jedno přání pro tebe)

08. 04. 2009 | † 03. 12. 2011 | kód autora: cNd

Jedna dojemná. Z textu to nevyplyne, ale ta hudba je úžasná...

One wish for you

Sometimes I´m so alone
I´m just sitting hear
I can´t even breathe
´Cause you are deep inside my heart

I wish I could help you
From your pain in the whisper
I wish You could forget me
And do another step

Closer to me....

Something is in my mind
I can´t tell you
But you hace to know it
You have to help me to understand

Now and forever
You are here
And I just hear
Your voice

I don´t leave you....
Please don´t kick me down
Because your love
is all I have

Your love is all
and nothing in the world...

Ooh, oh (Can you see me?)
Ooh, oh (Can you be with me?)
Can you  stay and wish for something in the sky?

The answer of our life
Is a promis
Is a trust
Is you....

So, can you tell me? What did you wish for??


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